'Over fifteen years, I have watched Steve Killelea’s global reputation as an expert on peace grow along with that of his Institute for Economics and Peace. In this excellent book, he invites the reader to join him on a personal journey of learning about how to understand peace as more than the absence of conflict. The result is compelling advocacy for Positive Peace. Convincingly he unveils the data proving that Positive Peace is associated with many social characteristics that are considered desirable, including stronger economic outcomes, higher resilience, better measures of well-being, higher levels of inclusiveness and more sustainable environmental performance; in other words, an optimal environment in which human potential can flourish. His research, data analysis and recommendations merit attention and should give policy makers food for thought in wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.'

Lord Browne of Ladyton (Chair of the European Leadership Network/UK House of Lords)

He is a sought after international speaker, has received many international awards and is regularly quoted in the media on various subjects, including business, global peacefulness, terrorism and social development. More than 20 years ago, he established The Charitable Foundation, now one of the largest private overseas aid organisations based in Australia providing life-changing programs to some of the poorest communities in the world including, emergency and famine relief, environment rehabilitation, and rehabilitating former child soldiers.